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Kazegama rebuild test firing

  Source: Kazegama Inc.

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Kazegama Rebuild – 2016

For 15 years, my Kazegama was bolted to a trailer which allowed me to travel to different venues to put on Kazegama workshops. It has gone through many adjustments and changes due to the knowledge gained over many years of … Continue reading

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Oxidation refiring of reduction-cooled, wood-fired ceramics

Reduction cooling produces some amazing surfaces in wood fired ceramics as seen in the following pieces by Jonathan Cross and Mitch Iberg. Johnathan Cross vessel from the Firebox kiln (Akagama)

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Source: Workshops

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Ceramic Arts Daily – Wadding for Wood Firing

To Simon Levin, there is a science to every part of wood firing, including what goes into wadding and how it’s used in the loading and firing process. So he put together an overview of wadding based on his own … Continue reading

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Aardvark Clay Kazegama Workshop – Oct. 17, 2015

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An Oxidized Bisque Firing

By Steve Davis          PDF Version Many clay and glaze faults in ceramic wares are caused by incomplete burnout of carbon during the bisque firing. This can be attributed to a kiln operator’s lack of understanding about … Continue reading

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Wood Firing in 29 Palms

Steve Davis, Jamie Boran, Jonathan Cross, & Kaz Ota firing the Firebox Kiln

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