There are 72 shinos shown. They are organized from left to right with 3 tiles of the same glaze shown on 3 different clay bodies. They are Aardvark Clay’s Nara Porcelain, Long Beach, and Black Mountain. Every shino was glazed with a double dip, waxed with a simple “S” pattern, and left to dry for 2 weeks to grow sulfates on the surface. The “S” pattern has no sulfate build up. A medium reduction was started at cone 012 through cone 2. From there the kiln was fired in neutral to cone 10.

Additional Shino Formulas

al's shino-aal's shino-bal's shino-cAls Shinoarchie bray shino-aarchie bray shino-barchie bray shino-cArchie Bray Shinobarren's shino-abarren's shino-bbarren's shino-cBarren's Shinoboyd eutectic transparent-aboyd eutectic transparent-bboyd eutectic transparent-cBoyd Eutectic Transparentbuckner bbsh-abuckner bbsh-bbuckner bbsh-cBuckner Shino BBSHcarbon trap orange shino-acarbon trap orange shino-bcarbon trap orange shino-cBuckner Orange Carbon Trapcastle shino basic-acastle shino basic-bcastle shino basic-cCastle Shino-Basictom coleman 1 shino-atom coleman 1 shino-btom coleman 1 shino-cColeman Shino 1tom coleman 4 shino-atom coleman 4 shino-btom coleman 4 shino-cColeman Shino 4tom coleman 1984-atom coleman 1984-btom coleman 1984-cColeman Shino 1 1984tom coleman carbon trap shino-atom coleman carbon trap shino-btom coleman carbon trap shino-cColeman Carbon Traptom coleman crab claw-atom coleman crab claw-btom coleman crab claw-cColeman Crab Claw Shinomalcolm davis carbon trap-amalcolm davis carbon trap-bmalcolm davis carbon trap-cMalcom Davis Carbon Trapmalcolm davis shino 1-amalcolm davis shino 1-bmalcolm davis shino 1-cMalcom Davis Shino 1malcolm davis shino 2-amalcolm davis shino 2-bmalcolm davis shino 2-cMalcom Davis Shino 2malcolm davis shino 3-amalcolm davis shino 3-bmalcolm davis shino 3-cMalcom Davis Shino 3paul davis shino-apaul davis shino-bpaul davis shino-cPaul Davis Shinosteve davis carbon trap orange-asteve davis carbon trap orange-bsteve davis carbon trap orange-c.jpgSteve Davis Carbon Trapcolumbia's visual arts ctr-acolumbia's visual arts ctr-bcolumbia's visual arts ctr-cColumbia Visual Arts Ctrcornell climax red-acornell climax red-bcornell climax red-c Cornell Climax Reddebra's apricot-adebra's apricot-b.jpgdebra's apricot-cDeBoo's Apricotdickman sinter-adickman sinter-bdickman sinter-cDickman's Sintereac-aeac-beac-cEAC-David Leacheastern market carbon trap-aeastern market carbon trap-beastern market carbon trap-cEastern Market Carbon Trapgeorge washington shino-ageorge washington shino-bgeorge washington shino-cGeorge Washington Uni 87C.jpggrant's shino V-agrant's shino V-bgrant's shino V-cGrant's Shinogrey shino-agrey shino-bgrey shino-cGrey Shinogustin wirt variation 5-agustin wirt variation 5-bgustin wirt variation 5-cGustin Wirt Variation 5gustinwirt variation 6-agustinwirt variation 6-bgustinwirt variation 6-cGustin Wirt Variation 6gustin wirt variation 7-agustin wirt variation 7-bgustin wirt variation 7-cGustin Wirt 7gwu gold shino 2-agwu gold shino 2-bgwu gold shino 2-cGWU Gold Shino 2hank murrow basic variation-ahank murrow basic variation-bhank murrow basic variation-cHank Murrow Basic Variationhank's shino-ahank's shino-bhank's shino-cHanks Shino Glazehank's smooth shino-ahank's smooth shino-bhank's smooth shino-cHanks Smooth Shinoholly's russian house-aholly's russian house-bholly's russian house-cDollys Russian Hotelhorsley sinter-ahorsley sinter-bhorsley sinter-cHorsley Sinterhorsley variation-ahorsley variation-bhorsley variation-cHorsley Variationhybrid orange-ahybrid orange-bhybrid orange-cHybrid Orangejefferson 1-ajefferson 1-bjefferson 1-cJefferson 1jefferson 2-ajefferson 2-bjefferson 2-cJefferson 2jefferson 3-ajefferson 3-bjefferson 3-cJefferson 3johnston's shino-ajohnston's shino-bjohnston's shino-cJohnstons Shinojps 1188-ajps 1188-bjps 1188-cJP 1188kalin's green shino-akalin's green shino-bkalin's green shino-cKalin Green Shinokennedy's shino-akennedy's shino-bkennedy's shino-cKennedy Shinolaw's luster-alaw's luster-blaw's luster-cLaw Luster Glazelinda's pink shino-alinda's pink shino-blinda's pink shino-cLinda Pink Shinons basic shino-ans basic shino-bns basic shino-cNepheline Syenitetodd osborne shino-atodd osborne shino-btodd osborne shino-cTodd Osborne ShinoR3517-aR3517-bR3517-cR3517 Shinorick's shino-arick's shino-brick's shino-cRicks Shinorob's wirt variation-arob's wirt variation-brob's wirt variation-cRob Wirt Variationrobinson blaze-arobinson blaze-brobinson blaze-cRobinson Blazerobinson interval orange-arobinson interval orange-brobinson interval orange-cRobinson Interval Orangerobinson mino and boron-arobinson mino and boron-brobinson mino and boron-cRobinson Mino - Boronrobinson mino-arobinson mino-brobinson mino-cRobinson Minorobinson orange crust-arobinson orange crust-b.jpgrobinson orange crust-cRobinson Orange Crustrobison peach shino-arobison peach shino-brobison peach shino-cRobinson Peach Shinorobinson shell-arobinson shell-brobinson shell-cRobinson Shellrobinson sinter-arobinson sinter-brobinson sinter-cRobinson Sinter Shinorobinson snow cap-arobinson snow cap-brobinson snow cap-cRobinson Snowcaprobinson white hot-arobinson white hot-brobinson white hot-cRobinson Whitehotshaner shino-ashaner shino-bshaner shino-cShaner Shinoshaner shino variation-ashaner shino variation-bshaner shino variation-cShaner Shino Variationshaner sinter-ashaner sinter-bshaner sinter-cShaner Sintersimon's white shino-asimon's white shino-bsimon's white shino-cSimons White Shinosouthwest craft ctr shino-asouthwest craft ctr shino-bsouthwest craft ctr shino-cSouthwest Craft Ctr Shinov and o shino 3-av and o shino 3-bv and o shino 3-cV and O Shino lllwirt-awirt-bwirt-cWirt Shino.jpgorig. wirt 1-no soda ash-aorig. wirt 1-no soda ash-borig. wirt 1-no soda ash-cWirt Original 1-no soda ashoriginal wirt 2-aoriginal wirt 2-boriginal wirt 2-c.jpgWirt Original 2paul woolery shino-apaul woolery shino-bpaul woolery shino-cPaul Woolery Shino