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Formulas for Kazegama, Wood, Salt and Soda Firings

Kazegama Flashing Slips,   Flashing Slips for Soda Firing,   Flashing Slips – Wood, Salt, Soda,   Salt Slips,   Glazes for Wood, Salt, Soda,   Clay Bodies – Wood-Salt-Soda,   Ash Glazes – Cone 10,   Ash Glazes,   Wood Specs

Raku Formulas

Raku Glazes,   Raku Glazes – Misc

Engobes and Slips

Terra Sigillatas,   Engobes – Cone 10,   Engobes and Slips,   Engobes and Slips – Cone 04

Gold Glazes

Cone 10 Reduction,   Cone 5 Oxidation,   Cone 06,   Gold Lusters and Fuming Mixes

Sculpture Glazes 

Cone 5 Oxidation,   Cone 07 Oxidation,  Art-Cone 010-04

Cone 07 – 03 Glazes

Adventurine,   Clears 1,   Clears 2,   White,   Majolica,   Black,   Blue,   Green,   Iron Red,   Yellow-Purple

Cone 5 Glazes

Assorted Glazes,   Black,   Blue,   Clear,  White,   Green,   Yellow

Cone 10 Glazes

Clear,   White,   Black,  Blue,   Green,   Celedons & Oribes,   Iron Red,   Copper Reds,   Purple,   Yellow

Clay Bodies

Egyptian Paste,   Red – Cone 04,   White – Cone 04,   Raku,   Sculpture,   Misc. Bodies,   White Stoneware – Cone 10,   Red Stoneware – Cone 10,   Porcelain – Cone 10


Bronze Casting Investments

Glaze Deco Stains

The Colloidal Nature of Kaolin


Refractory Stucco – Doug Casebeer

Ferro Frit Analysis



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