Glazes, Glazes and more Glazes….

Yo Peoples. It’s been a while since I posted anything. Hope you are all well.

I have gone through the “old site” glaze pages and organized glaze and clay formulas into PDFs.

These are glazes I have collected over my lifetime, but I haven’t had a lifetime to spend documenting them through the glaze mixing process and posting them. So some are great, and some are a hodge podge.

They can be found on the “Glazes” link.

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2 Responses to Glazes, Glazes and more Glazes….

  1. Steve Davis says:

    Bill, I really enjoyed reading your life story and influences. The arch design is great and your pottery and glazes are very nice. Thank you!

    • Bill,Merrill says:

      Thanks Steve, It would be great for potters to see the flat roof design using K23 brick. I know you are a fiber person, but this flat roof design is super and would be great combined with fiber. The pieces coming out of your kilns are fabulous !!! I was at Shiho Kanzaki sans in Shigaraki, Japan and we used red pine to fire his kiln. He refried many of his pieces and when i was fired his kiln many of his pieces had a wood fired ash deposits that has a magnesium carbonate looking surface like a crackle surface. Your glazes and firings are superior to many wood fired kilns today. I am glad you are producing such good pots!!! As Ken Ferguson always said ” Keep making pots, the best ones are still in you !!”

      Bill merrill

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